our Family Sunday

Greens that taste like friendship.

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Long and lazy Sundays can now be enjoyed with family and friends at Graanmarkt 13. Because what on earth could be more heartwarming than sharing a richly filled table with your loved ones? 

Every Sunday we invite our guests to feel at home and to dive into our a-typical refreshing vegetable dishes, our take on grandma’s roast beef, homemade pies according to family recipes, and many more Sunday delicacies by chef Seppe Nobels. 

Our Family Sunday starts at 12 am with a continuous offering of our Sunday menu. Children and pets are more than welcome and our kitchen team will prepare an adapted menu to challenge them to eat seasonal vegetables. 

Culinary menu €35 (starter - soup - main - dessert buffet)
Children's menu up to 12 years old €25  
Children younger than 5 years old don't pay.

Every Sunday from 12 am to 9 pm - last reservation at 7 pm. For bookings, click here

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