Youthful impressions

by Yasmin

Sfeerbeeld 6173Kopie

Folie ordinaire.

In February we celebrated Yasmin's birthday ànd work anniversary since she joined our team exactly 4 years ago. Yasmin is a big enthusiast of sizeless and genderless fashion. What fits, fits and what feels good, feels good.

Her style can not be described in words or covered by a single brand. Our model Hanna is wearing Yasmin’s favourite picks and brands for spring. 

Sfeerbeeld 6035Kopie Sfeerbeeld 6095Kopie Sfeerbeeld 5856Kopie Sfeerbeeld 5982Kopie

Half square. Half crazy.

Sfeerbeeld 5886Kopie Sfeerbeeld 5903Kopie

Connoisseur and long time lover of vintage fabrics, Yasmin has a weak spot for the Dutch brand Bananatime. The 100% silk creations are all about breaking up the monotony of life. The stand out pieces are super versatile to pack on a trip ànd perfect to relax at home. 

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