Sofie D'Hoore

Understated luxury

Ilse Cornelissens

Sofie Dhoore Summer Dress

Judging from her minimal, well considered designs, you’d never suspect Sofie D'Hoore to be a dentist as well. Quickly realizing she’d rather sink her teeth in fashion for a living, she enrolled in the Antwerp Royal Academy. After refining her style in Milan and Brussels, she decided to found her eponymous label in 1992. She’s been carefully constructing her brand at a steady pace ever since, selling her designs in stores all over the world. Graanmarkt 13 now joined the line-up in 2015.

Gr13 Sofie Dhoore Back Shirt 350Euro

Crisp cotton shirts, airy blouses, wide trousers and roomy tunics are expertly executed in earthy tones, the softest pastels and rich hues of navy and teal. Different stripe patterns add some zest to her modern, versatile collection. Every piece feels as great as it looks too. Elegant and feminine, without sacrificing comfort. Something you won’t hang at the back of your closet any time soon.

The Belgian designer is a perfectionist, obsessed with the perfect cut and the perfect fabrics. Every season, she seeks out the most suitable materials of the highest quality, prefering natural textiles like wool, cotton, and silk. Only when she’s made the right selection, she turns to the drawing table, where an immaculate fit is paramount.

D'Hoore prefers timeless purity over fashion trends. Her designs are made to be versatile and endlessly combinable. Aside from the occasional color burst, the Belgian fashion designer feels no need to shout. She lets shapes and textures speak for themselves. As a result, her clothes are luxurious yet understated and modern yet classic. For a wardrobe that never ages and never goes out of style.

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Gr13 Sofie Dhoore Deck Dress 550Euro Gr13 Sofie Dhoore Donut Dress 620Euro Gr13 Sofie Dhoore Dreamy Dress 500Euro 2