Made by Bernadette

Handknitted mohair

Bernadette Sfeerbeeld 3 9612

What started off as a hobby, quickly turned out to be a huge hype. It all started when former fashion buyer Bernadette De Geyter gave a handmade chunky mohair cardigan to her daughter as a present. Strolling around in their favourite Antwerp boutiques, high-end fashion stores immediately caught up on the woolly pastel coloured cardigan the daughter was wearing. So did Graanmarkt 13 curator Ilse Cornelissens and she instantly ordered a cardigan for herself. 

Four years, many orders and many waiting lists later, Made by Bernadette remains a beloved part of the Graanmarkt 13 permanent collection. 

The oversized fluffy "clouds" are still being produced in very limited numbers, for Bernadette values the importance of hand knitting and hand dyeing everything herself together with a small group of women in Antwerp. The brand now offers cardigans, sweaters, dresses, scarves and ponchos, all made from the purest South-African mohair. The pieces are sold in a limited number of high-end fashion and concept stores in Europe. 

Other than the interesting texture, the softest feel and the remarkable craftsmanship which manifests itself mainly in the clothing's shapes and seams, what truly defines a "real Bernadette", is the ruffled cotton label which shows an image of the holy Bernadette.

Despite of being the pioneer of the mohair knitting trend in Belgium, Bernadette De Geyter never intended for this to happen. Her brand is more than just a trend, it's a sincere and heartfelt expression of her own style and story, inspired by colours, vacation and a timeless nonchalance. Something that can never go out of style.  

Shop a small selection of the collection here or visit our Antwerp store for more.