Cliff breeze scented candle



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This travel sized candle smells like sea salt air and cliff top botanicals. The fresh, salty smell of the ocean is one of the most distinctive smells on the planet, evoking memories of crashing waves and sandy beaches. Scientists have unravelled how the seaside odour is created, tracing it to an enzyme that helps algae survive in their salty seawater environment. Researchers found the smell itself is produced by algae that form extensive blooms on the ocean surface and release an aromatic compound called dimethylsulfide into the air. Haeckels created an aromatic snapshot of their surrounding coast, a blend of cliff grasses, sea lavender, sea water, chalk and alexanders, poured in a 60gr travel sized candle so you take the ocean with you wherever you go.

Made with a high quality woven cotton wick and eco friendly soy wax in a thick glass surround. Gives an approx. burn time of 15 hours.